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The Synergy Organization

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The Nation’s First Evidence-Based Executive Search and Assessments Firm™

As the country’s first Evidence-Based Executive Search and Executive Assessments firm, The Synergy Organization has built its reputation on a foundation of trust, integrity, accuracy, and superior results with its progressive clients. The Synergy Organization’s quality and metrics-driven approach ensures an unmatched record of guaranteed results, client satisfaction, and repeat business.

With three decades of healthcare industry experience, Synergy has achieved an industry-leading track record for helping guarantee the results that clients need and want. Synergy provides them with the ability to scientifically evaluate their unique requirements for success in a leadership position, and the ability to select the right, new leader who is the best fit for the position.

Synergy’s evidence-based services streamline clients’ hiring processes and save considerable time, money, and aggravation—while giving them the confidence, accuracy, and critical information needed to make accurate and informed hiring decisions.

As important, Synergy’s client partners conservatively estimate that the significant, direct savings they enjoy easily exceed $10,000 per search.


The Synergy Organization

What is Evidence-Based Executive Search® & Executive Assessments?

Evidence-Based Executive Search® & Executive Assessments use proven science and validated psychological testing with both the organization and each recruited candidate to assess their “fit” and prospective match along those specific dimensions that matter most to their mutual, long-term success. Based on our Head, Heart and Feet© model, this includes:

1) Our proprietary Synergy Screening System®, which objectively evaluates the overall match of prospective candidates against the position’s unique needs

2) A comprehensive Job Analysis that identified and cross-validates a client’s stated wants vs. their actual needs and to help avoid the “revolving door syndrome”

3) Related Experience Charts which delve deeper than resumes and CV’s alone and provide objective criteria and performance metrics for “leveling the playing field”, comparing multiple candidates most accurately, and identifying their specific experiences and accomplishments that will align most closely with the unique requirements of the position

4) Targeted, behaviorally based candidate interviews

5) Proprietary predictive analytics and selection criteria for extraordinary leaders developed from our own multiple, national Leadership Best Practices research studies.

6) Application of the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program standards to ensure World Class Quality, Service, and Results.

These elements combine to make Evidence-Based Executive Search® & Executive Assessments the most cost-effective, efficient, and highest quality in the industry. They make it easier to hire the right leaders the first time.

Kenneth R Cohen PhD

Kenneth R. Cohen PhD

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