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Technology Resource Center

PLC-Network Technology Resource Center

Be faster, more efficient and reduce your stress

Valuable assets for our clients to help in your day-to-day recruitment of physicians and physician leaders. We vet all partners but recommend you cross-check service providers. Costs vary by organization and should be discussed directly with them.




KontactIntelligence (Ki) is the most comprehensive and strategic technology application of its kind specifically designed to maximize your medical staff assets. From recruiting to retaining your top performers, Ki generated reports will afford you the security of having your finger on the pulse of all of your medical staff issues and growth opportunities. And it’s easy.

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Ki enables you to:

  • recruit faster & smarter
  • build physician relationships & referrals
  • monitor productivity outliers
  • secure market-share

Mesh AI is a fair 1-click clinician scheduler that:

 * Removes errors, frustrations, and unfairness in calls and shifts to improve outcomes and relationships.

 * Helps optimize the largest budget item in healthcare: cost of human capital.

 * Saves time and better balances work with life for all towards wellness and eradicating burnout.

Mesh AI (by MESH Scheduling Inc.) is a powerful automated scheduling platform built for hospitals, clinics, and office practices. Its proprietary intelligent engine creates ideal schedules while considering vacations, scheduling conflicts, workplace rules, equality, work preferences, and many other rules your workplace may require. Fully customizable, the engine also provides administrators with powerful insights for manual schedule adjustments with Mesh auto-suggester. Read more…

Never let your credentials or certifications expire or lose your documents again. MedCV, your Personal Electronic Credentials and Career Health Record Vault! MedCV is free, a service designed to help physicians like you keep up with your CME’s, store credentialing information, search for new opportunities, even promote your practice. It’s all here. Enter the vault! Read more…