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SEO for Physician Job Postings

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps Google and other search engines find your job postings

"The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google."

We are, by no means, SEO experts but we have learned a few SEO tips over the last few years that will help your physician job postings get picked up by Google and other search engines. You may have the greatest physician job in the world but if no one sees it when they do a Google search, you will come up short every time. The following are some quick tips to give your jobs the best chance of being seen and even rank higher in search results.


Keywords are "key" to your jobs being found

  • Choose keywords physicians use to search for jobs
    • I.E. Title, Specialty and Location
  • Use the keywords in your job title and in the first sentence or two of the description
    • Make sure the keywords used in both the title and description match exactly


Google wants a specific location.

  • In the location field, use the full street address and number
    • The geolocation feature should bring up the full address with street, city and state.

Titles and URLs

Your job title turns into the posting page's URL. Keep it short

  • Search engines love short titles and URLs.
    • Imagine this as your title: XYZ Organization has an amazing opportunity for a leader of our Oncology program in the best four season location in the US
      • The page URL would look like this: https://plc-network.com/job/x-y-z-organization-has-an-amazing-opportunity-for-a-leader-of-our-oncology-program-in-the-best-four-season-location-in-the-US
    • A alternate Title search engines would like better could be: Oncology Section Chief in Ft. Wayne, IN

Job Descriptions

Surveys indicate physicians (and search engines) like short, to the point job descriptions with bullets

  • Paragraphs should be 1 to 3 sentences
  • Use bullets to provide job specifics
  • Physicians want to know…
    • How big is the department they will join?
    • How many physicians work there and in what specialty areas?
    • What kind of services are provided?
    • Are there Outreach clinics?
    • Other types of providers and support staff?
    • Basic stats like number of patients seen daily, weekly and annually
  • Job responsibilities in bulleted form

Note: They are looking for the basics. You don’t need everything listed on your job posting.

  • Be careful about getting too flowery with wording
    • Candidates often see this as salesy or even an act of desperation


Google prefers a salary is listed

  • Not only is the salary or range important to candidates, in some states it’s required by law.
  • We know it is not always possible to post salary but if you can, your posting will rank higher in Google’s search results

Links and Backlinks Rule

Links to your website and social network landing pages improve searchability

  • Remember to use the built-in fields for…
    • Your organization’s website
    • Social networks
      • LinkedIn
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
    • YouTube videos (Google loves YouTube!)
    • Backlinks to aspects of your organization such as the Department’s landing page etc.

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Use images and video to give them an idea of what your area and organization looks and "feels" like

  • Images give your audience a look at what it may be like to be there
    • Use impactful images and video that help them remember you
    • Area scenery
    • Video of physicians and employees talking about your organization

Note: Remember to use the alt text to tie the images back to your organization, location and key words