Michael Brown, MD

Michael Brown, MDMichael Brown, MD, MS, MCHM, CHCIO is a certified executive coach (Center For Executive Coaching) and Chief Medical Officer at Acesis, Inc. He was an instructor at the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health for 8 years after graduating from their Masters in Healthcare Management program in 2007. For the 12 years prior to joining Acesis in 2014, Michael was the Chief Information Officer for Harvard University Health Services.

Physician leaders often don’t have a trusted peer with whom they can regularly discuss and test ideas. At one level, that is one thing I provide as an executive coach. In addition, I have invested the time required to build a unique body of knowledge for how to help clients help themselves. As an executive coach, I provide the following services:


1. Helps clients take a step back and think through issues from new perspectives.

2. Challenges clients’ assumptions they might not have realized they were making (often by simply asking the right clarifying questions).

3. Assists clients in thinking about and clarifying their priorities. Then, helping clients to hold themselves accountable to their chosen decisions.

4. Provides a safe and comfortable environment for talking through ideas and rehearsing challenging conversations.

5. Provides clients with insights and advice in areas of expertise (healthcare, leadership, managing conflict, career advancement, information technology, and change management).

6. Offers formal assessments (questionnaires) so clients can better understand themselves.

7. Solicits 360 feedback from colleagues so clients can better understand their opportunities for improvement.

8. Applies frameworks that help clients change specific behaviors/habits.

9. Conveys his observations so clients can become aware of things that can be hard to observe in oneself.

10. Help clients to recognize their strengths and learn how to communicate their strengths authentically.

In every coaching session, I usually succeed in working with clients to develop at least one significant idea that changes how my clients deal with a pressing issue. So that I can demonstrate my methods, and so you can appreciate the difference that working with me will make toward your success and happiness, I am happy to provide two complimentary coaching sessions. If interested, please e-mail me at mbrown@acesis.com

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