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Brown University Master’s in Healthcare Leadership

Brown University

Brown University’s Master of Science (ScM) in Healthcare Leadership (MHL), Physician Leadership Career Network’s partner for 3 years running, is celebrating 10 years of transforming leaders in healthcare.

Reduced time to degree from 16 to 12 months

Strategic curricular revisions that maintain rigor and required credits allow you to complete this advanced degree in just 12 months.

Expansion of the program's applicant profile

Some of our most successful graduates have been early-career and mid-career leaders propelled forward by the training, as such we've reduced the minimum necessary years of experience.

       Reduced Tuition     


Brown University strives to promote access to high-quality education to individuals with the drive and desire to continue their learning. For the class of 2025, SPS will reduce tuition to enhance affordability and accessibility. This is possible by delivering more content online, having fewer residential sessions, and reduced completion time.

Addition of relevant content for today's leaders

New courses are being incorporated to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, including on topics of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), digital health innovations and workforce development.

From challenges in workforce development and shifting payment models to rapid advances in digital technologies, the healthcare industry is undergoing a tremendous revolution. To lead the next wave of change, you need a deep understanding of the policy, economics, and global forces disrupting the entire healthcare ecosystem and the ability to influence and motivate teams into the future.

Brown University’s Master of Science (ScM) in Healthcare Leadership (MHL) is an accredited, one-year program focused on building your leadership skills within this complex industry. Our rigorous curriculum, taught by world-class faculty and enhanced by diverse peer-to-peer learning, combines the best of an MBA and MHA — equipping you with core business fundamentals and focused leadership training purposefully considered in the healthcare context.

“The program is focused on developing your critical thinking, communication and leadership skills in a manner that can be translated across multiple segments of the healthcare industry.”
Raymond Elmore
OBGYN Physician and Medical Director of Perinatal Safety, Advent Health, Class of 2023

Program Overview

Learn more about the Master of Science in Healthcare Leadership courses, participant profile and Critical Challenge Project.

"This program has pushed me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to think about healthcare from different vantage points."
Elsie Koh MD
Elsie Koh, MD, EMHL
CEO, LEAD Physician and CMO

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